How I keep my Heroku web-app’s data up-to-date automatically

How to build a bot to show Covid-19 vaccination progress

The knights who say “SCI!” (Python et al., 1975). Photo: CC BY 2.0, Brickset

Part III of the Fitness for nerds series.

Ted Visser, a Navy veteran, cosplaying as Saitama from One Punch-Man. Image by WikiMedia user RightCowLeftCoast, CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Build interactive web apps with polling data, Voilà & Heroku

Written for minimalists — Part II.b of the Fitness for nerds series.

I wrote this article in an empty room with only the concept of this pencil.



  1. Improves your cardiovascular health (heart, blood) and lung capacity.
  2. Little/no equipment needed (probably shoes, but barefoot may…

Part II of the Fitness for nerds series.

Every hero needs an origin story. If trying to get fit isn’t heroism, then I don’t know what is.

Part 0.

Ugh, sports.

Past: and WordPress

Blogosphere! Image by Happy Bushra, licensed CC-BY 2.0

Tools and practices for collaborating from home

Patrick Bos

eScientist / freelancer / HPC & data science / Physics & Humanities / C++ & Python

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